Erin McCallum

Big Voice. Big Sound.

Another tour is on it's way!!!  Officially named the "16 Weeks of Sound"

 tour, this one is exactly how it sounds!!  Erin and the band will be hitting

 the road, stopping at the best festivals and events for an exclusive 16 week period.  All dates of the tour will be posted on this page soon!



2014 "16 Weeks of Sound" Tour Schedule 



 Called "One For The Road", this show is an intimate and interactive night at a private facility!  118 lucky fans will be able to enjoy a special performance of live music and some light food at the Red Pine Conference Centre in Alliston, On. - the town where the band got it's first show dates over a decade ago!  Not only will the band and fans have a great night of entertainment, but Matthews House (a hospice in Alliston) will benefit from some of the proceeds as well! 


Show Details:

WHAT: One for the Road: Kicking off the 16 Weeks of Sound 2014 Tour

WHEN: May 10th, 2014

WHERE: Red Pine Conference Centre, Alliston, On.

DOORS OPEN: 6:30 p.m.

TICKETS: $15.00 each AVAILABLE NOW at Papermoon (47 Victoria street, Alliston, On.)


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